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Dragon Ball Omega


Capsul Corperation
Battle Arena
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A couple of simple of rules to follow...


General Rules

*Joining:Check the join page.

1.Actions:Actions in this game are based on our time line.

*Buying an item from the Shop takes 1day. Giving an item to another character take no days but must be on the same planet.

*Searching: It takes 2-14 days searching for a basic item.
It takes 16 days searching for a rare item.(Rare items have (number) before them)
It takes 21 days to search for an earth Dragon Ball
It takes 28 days to search for a Namek Ball

*Training:You may train alone or with a partner. You gain +10% PL and 10 speed every 2 days basic training. You gain +20%PL and 10 speed every 2 days traing with a partner.(May only train with 1 person at a time)

*Masters: When training with a master to learn an ability you do not gain PL or Speed and it may take several days to learn the moves. Check the Masters page to see the masters and the days it takes you to learn the move. Your intellegence determines how many moves you may learn.

*Move Levels:
Level 1: May be learned at any power level
Level 2: May be learned at a power level of 15,000
Level 3: May be learned at a power level of 25,000
Level 4: May be learned at a power level of 40,000
Undetermined:Mail me and i'll decide weather or not you may learn it

2.Teams: To creat a team it will cost you $7,000, you must have a name and choose a base planet(You may not choose earth or Namek).

3.Battles/Spar: You may eather battle or spar once a week and they will be post on the Arena page on Saturday.

*Battles: You must email me the person you are going to battle. I will then post the battle on the Arena page. You then can send your move you wish to use to that person. Also don't go overboard on the moves or we will not use them. You recieve +40% of opponents PL for winning and 20% of you own PL for loseing. You Recieve +20% Speed for winning and 10% for losing.

*Sparing: You must have permission from the other character. I will look at both character then decide the out come and tell who won on the Arena page. You Recieve 25% of opponents PL for winning and 10% of own PL for losing. You recieve +10% Speed for winning and 5% for losing.

*Quest: You must email me if you wish to battle the NPC(Nonplayer Character) on the Quest Page.

PL: Determines your base power level
MaxPL:Determines your power with equiptment or changed forms
Speed: Determines who usually strikes first in combat or sparr.
Intellegence: Determines how many moves you may learn.

4.Dragon Ball Wishes:
You can wish for $30,000 this is the max.
You may wish to double one of your stats PL, Sp, Int.
You may wish for a basic item.
You may wish for a move on the planet you are on(Earth or Namek).
Any item on another character.

*You may not wish for:
More wishes.
Kill another player.
There may be more but theses are the ones I thought of.