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Dragon Ball Omega


Capsul Corperation
Battle Arena
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Gain power to over throw the enemy...

(All time are Real Life times, not game time)
(Times vary by master)

*Planet Earth*
Krillin: Destructo Disk(level 2)(14 days)

Tien: Solar Flare(level 2)(10 days), Shishin no Ken(level 2)(13 days), Shio ken(Level 2)(8 days), Tri Blast(Level 3)(23 days)

Chao-Zu: Kamikazi(level 2)(6 days), E.S.P.(level 3)(19 days)

Yamcha: Souki Dan(level 2)(11 days), Wolf Wind Attack(level 2)(17 days)

*Capsul Corp

Trunks: Burning Flash(level 2)(14 days), Finishing Buster(Level 3)(21 days), Swordskill(level 2)(9 days)

Bulma: Invention(undetermined level)(15 days)(make one item from the item shop)

*Roshis Island

Master Roshi: Kamehameha(level 1)(11 days), Zanzoken(level 1)(9 days)

*Kami's Lookout

Kami: Instant Transmission(level 2)(20 days), x2 Intelegence(Undetermined)(15 days)
Mr. Popo: 2x all stats (level 2)(14 days) (Must have beaten a boss)

*Goku's House

Gohan: Masenko(level 2)(14 days)

Goku: Chou Kamhamha(level 3)(20 days), Dragon Punch (level 4)(27 days)

*Dr.Gero's Hidden lab
Dr. Gero: Bomb(Level 2)(16 days)(Androids only), Unlimited Energy(Level 2)(20 days)(Androids only)

Android 16:Rocket Punch(level 1)(9 days), Hell's Flash(Level 3)(23 days)

Android 17:Energy Barrier(Level 2)(14 days)

*Planet Freeza*
Freeza:Finger Shot(level 1)(5 days), Freeza's Destructo Disk(level 2)(14 days), Death Ball(level 3)(25 days), Finger Explosin(level 2)(17 days)

Ginyu:Body Jump(level 3)(21 days)

Jeice:Crusher Ball(level 2)(13 days)

Baata:x2 Sp(level 2)(20 days)

Recoom: Eraser(level 3)(18 days)

Guildo: Time Freeze(level 2)(12 days), Space Freeze(level 2)(10 days)

*Planet Vegeta*
King Vegeta: Control Oozaru(level 2)(20 days), Moonshine(level 2)(20 days)

Vegeta:Gellet Gun(Level 2)(19 days), Big Bang(Level 2)(15 days), Final Flash(Level 3)(23 days)

Vegitto:5 finger blast(Level 2)(10 days), Ki Sword(Level 2)(17 days)

*Planet Namek*
Guru: Unleash Hidden Powers(undetermined level)(15 days)intellegence x2 (only once)

Dend: Healing(level 2)(9 days) (Namek's only)

Piccolo: Special Beam Cannon(level 2)(12 days), Eye Lasers(level 1)(6 days), Renzoku Senkoudan(level 3)(21 days), Split Form(level 2)(15 days), Regeneration(level 2)(15 days), Growth(level 3)(12 days)(Namek's only) (all stats x2)(Form)

*Kaioshin's Planet*

Kaioshin: Instant Transmission(level 2)(20 days), Super Instant Transmission(level 3)(40 days) (greater distance, more people, faster to do), Swordskill(level 2)(9 days)

Elder Kaioshin: Mystic(level 4)(4 day, must be good or neutral, must have a good reason) (6x all stats lasts forever, replaces SSJ for saiya-jin's, only once)

*King Kai's Planet*
King Kai: Spirit Bomb(level 3)(40 days) (More population and game players on same planet=More power to attack), Kaioken(level 3)(20 days, level 1, each additional level 3 days up to max. 10) (Stats x level used, can't be used with any formation)

Buu: Chocolate Beam(level 3)(30 days)(If defending PL is not 2 times higher, they get absorbed. Person doing the move gets half of all the other person's stats.)

Maijin Buu: Super Chocolate Beam(level 4)(50 days)(If defending PL is not 6 times higher, they get absorbed. Same gaining rules as chocolate beam.)
Dabura: Mouth Blaster(level 1)(7 days), Stone Spit(Level 3)(19 days)(instant kill)

*Hell* (Must die at King Kai's Planet to get here)
Lord of the Underworld: Evil Power-up(level 4)(40 days) (Must be evil or neutral, only once)(All stats x4), Portal(level 2)(15 days)allows you to jump from planet to ND or ND to Hell(can be used to travel back and forth but only to the planet you were on)